Marathon in May
  • Marathon in May

    Collect a celebratory medal for completing a Marathon during May - hoping for sunny skies, hedgehogs and dog-daisies galore during your 26.2 miles, which could be walking a mile a day for most of the month, running it in one day ir even a combination of running, walking, cycling or maybe swimming (but don't expect to see hedgehogs then!)


    This medal is part of the Feet-Tree Series - one for each month.  Start your collection at any time in the year, and we'll give you two free months' challenges when you've booked ten! Whether you run a marathon in one hit, or take a month to complete 26.2 miles, it's a great way to motivate yourself to some serious running each month, whilst earning a medal, as well as a 10% discount at 


    Complete each challenge during the relevant month, then submit your evidence no later than the 7th of the following month.