The Phoenix - choose how high to fly!
  • The Phoenix - choose how high to fly!

    How far will you go to challenge yourself!


    You can choose to walk, run, wheel, cycle - pretty much anything except take a bus to achieve the distance you would like to set as your personal challenge!  Choose your own distance and decide when you want to cover it, then show us your tracker screen or however you want to send us your evidence of your amazingness.  From the fittest endurance athlete covering 100K in one go, to the newset keep-fit enthusiast celebrating their first mile, everybody needs motivation and this fabulous purple medal is a fitting memento! Once you’ve succeeded go on to complete the entire Phoenix Series as you improve your running… As always you’ll earn 10% off at 


    Available now - complete your challenge during your selected month, then submit your evidence no later than seven days after the end of the month.

    £15.00 Regular Price
    £12.00Sale Price
    When will you complete your challenge?


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